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Sylva, NC 28779

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  • Daniel Perlmutter

    Please post that: There are 20 copies of handsome posters for the Martin Luther King event to be held in Sylva at Bridge Park on Monday January 18. We encourage members to get some at Signature Brew coffee shop in Sylva on Main Street next to Mad Batter Food and Film and post them in various spots throughout the county. Ask at counter. I’ve covered most of Main Street. Thanks…. Dan Perlmutter

    PS, I will resupply them as needed.

  • Colton B.

    In light of the recent court rulings ordering special NC elections in 2017 due to racial gerrymandering, will the NAACP of Jackson County have any intentions on endorsing candidates with pro-minority platforms running for the state legislature seats that represent Jackson County? I’m particularly curious about NC Senate District 50, which is likely to be untouched by the redistricting process, and NC House District 119, where Democratic incumbent Joe Sam Queen was just unseated.

    Many thanks.

    • Enrique Gómez

      Thanks for your comment, Colton. The NAACP is a political non-profit, but will remain non-partisan. We advocate about issues and specific pieces of legislation, but won’t endorse parties or candidates. We will work with elected officials of all parties for the issues that we care about.

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