Historical First: NC NAACP Jackson County Branch at Greening Up the Mountains

On Saturday, April 25, 2014, at WNC’s annual GUTM Spring festival, the Jackson NC NAACP branch presented the history of its first year—and also multiple opportunities for the public to participate. Archival displays and other information boards, such as the changes in voting rights, attracted many visitors to NC NAACP Branch 54AB-b’s latest “Come See Who We Are” presentation.

Joyce and other volunteers engaged passers-by to complete voter registration forms—thereby guaranteeing their next opportunity at the ballot box. By early afternoon, Joyce had enlisted at least seven new registrations. Volunteers offered for sale (either separately, or as a package) our new t-shirts and NAACP memberships.

Parents were attracted to stop while their young children played a ring toss game—with a bowl of prizes to choose from. (The tiny flutes ran out long before the rubber ducks and bubbles and balloons.) While the youngsters played, volunteers and parents had profitable conversations that otherwise might never have occurred.

Handouts on voter rights, Moral Mondays, etc.—plus chances to sign up for Door Prizes— also coaxed folks to stop and check out the Jackson County area’s new NAACP. The successful day was due to Penny, for her meticulous preparation and donations, including the tent itself; and to Joyce for being in charge all day, and to Roger, Martha, Cynthia and Lucy for their assists. The clear day defied the 90% precipitation forecast and saved the day for one and all!